Europe is calling..

“He told her that her voice was sweet”

On the World Race, God gave me a vision that I would be going back out to the nations in 2014 with worship. While I was at Hillside over the Summer, God spoke to me once again that I would be leaving for the nations with worship. Two weeks ago, a random man walked up to me and told me that God was calling me back out to the nations.

God is is a God of truth and it blows me away every single time. This past January, I made a friendship with someone who understood my heartbeat, my dna, and my heart cry overall for that matter. This person was visiting in Gainesville and we just began to talk about our passion for worship and the Tabernacle of David and I couldn’t believe that someone had the same vision as me. Before I knew it, there was an invitation on the table for me to go to Europe this Spring with Burn Wagon (Burn Wagon is a ministry that drives across the country, building up the church, partnering with ministries, and worshiping the whole way through – it is a part of Burn 24-7, which is the school that I did last summer). I couldn’t believe it – the truth that God has been speaking nonstop about me going back out to the nations with worship as the heartbeat.

I can’t say no. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that God has given me a specific voice for worship. It’s no Kim Walker or Steffany Frizzell, but it’s a unique calling that the Lord has placed on me since day one and there is no way I can deny that. There is no way that I can say no to a trip that He has been speaking over me for over a year now.

May 15 – June 7
I will be going to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and France. I’m currently fundraising. I have about $400 out of $3,000 to become fully supported. If you’re interested in knowing more about the trip, I would love to answer any questions that you may have. If you know me and are as excited as I am..I know, I can’t believe this is happening either!

If you want to donate to my trip, please click on the link below (if you don’t have a paypal login, you can select ‘continue’ without one at the bottom. If only 30 people commit to donating $100 I’ll be fully funded!:

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