Poverty and Steak.

I sat around the wooden table with 10 people all around me. Looking around at heads tilted back with laughter, conversation flowing, and life happening. Heaps of mashed potatoes all around. Steaks and chicken the size of your head on every plate. Grilled asparagus and green beans piled up like miniature twigs on the plates. Bread, salt, and wine.

Once a month my roommates and I have something we like to call ‘steak night’. We each invite 2-3 people from our community that we’ve never invited before and invite them all over to sit at the table and have Kingdom. If there’s anything that I’ve learned while following Jesus it’s that the hardest thing is community and the greatest thing…is community.

To be able to invite a group of people over that all chase after Jesus and wear Him inside and out. I could sit at that table for hours.

You see, this is where I believe Kingdom resides. In the small in-between moments where we do life on the regular, but somehow our generation has crept away from. No more sitting in front of the tv while eating dinner or in your bedroom, but at the table where you share about life, love, struggles, triumphs, and pitfalls with your brothers and sisters. Your family.

Multiple times do you see where Jesus did so much of his ministry at the table. With his disciples, tax collectors, Pharisees, and sinners. Jesus would recline at the table. To recognize the cost of spending time with the people you love and to rest and recline in it.

And I think to myself every time, “I have to take a picture of this table and the people that grace our house and make it home…I have to.” And somewhere along the small sentence that takes form in my mind the enemy comes into steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy tells me to not take a picture or share this moment, because I’m fundraising for my job. And how dare I eat like a queen and post pictures to all my donors to see this is how I’m stewarding money.

Well, see…that’s a poverty mindset. And there’s no poverty in the Kingdom.

At the table they would have the most rare wine, the most costly perfume would be spilled out, the finest meals would be shared. I’m so beyond thankful for my God, my Father, my Jesus, my community, my family, to have trust and faith that He’ll provide the BEST STEAK EVER (along with my most favorite mashed potatoes).

I want to bring you in on Kingdom and I want to share all the pictures I can with you, because I believe in something bigger than all of us. Where this will be the norm and families will come together. Where even strangers will come together and eat with a merry tone in their voice because they’ve seen how great their God is…..just by sitting at the table.

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We don’t eat until your Father’s at the table.


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