standing in a field of voices.

Sung – to make music with your voice, to accompany, call something out loudly, to recount or celebrate.

Unsung – not celebrated or praised.

It’s pretty interesting how simply put it is to be, “unsung” by definitions viewpoint. This month I’m with a team whose ministry is to search out the Unsung Heroes of El Salvador. Typically you come into a country with a ministry you’ll be partnering with for the whole month – not this time. This time, we’re seeking out God for our ministry contact sheet.

Pressing into God has been so delicate and fresh this month and I’m being reminded more and more of how powerful prayer actually is. Being able to walk out life and letting the Holy Spirit intervene with plans that are so much greater than ours. I’m sure if I would have had it my way – I would of just stayed in the capital city – staying safe in our normal day-to-day motions. Being with six women who are ready and willing to move when God moves…it spurs me on more than anything and gets me so excited.

Being able to leave our expectations at the ‘door’ and go meet a pastor when we should be heading home for bed – actually finding out he has three senior/homeless homes and wants us to visit – showing up and witnessing praise and worship in a place that should filled with sorrow – seeing this man love, care for, be Jesus, and desire to be with these people and for no return. Let me sing of this hero.

Being able to leave my expectation of staying in the capital behind – traveling two and a half hours to San Miguel to meet a man who is ready for revival in his city – going out to local villages to evangelize, worship, and give testimony of God’s goodness – seeing this community that is filled with zeal, passion, and a hunger for their city to know Jesus. Let me sing of these heroes.

Being able to leave our expectations behind of ‘just doing’ a church visit – traveling two more hours east to La Union to meet multiple families that just long for your presence – that want love, greatness, and to give God praise in the ministry, church, and city – seeing a hospitality that exceeds all and exemplifies Kingdom. Let me sing of these heroes.

Coming back to the capital, San Salvador. Leaving expectations behind that, “There’s no way this week will be as great as this past week.” Living in a lifestyle of glory to glory and knowing that God is ALWAYS doing a new thing…regardless of what we think it MIGHT be. Let me continue to sing of Him and the great things He’s doing.




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