I Caught Nothing

If there’s been one magical miracle that’s been happening lately…it’s seeing how the word is coming alive in front of me. I’m seeing the interactions, the emotions, the people. Often times I get on this soapbox against self help books. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brene Brown and her study on shame, but I want to hear what the Bible has to say about it. I want to blend the two not separate.

Yesterday I found myself in Luke 5 where everyone is catching wind of Jesus and taking serious interest in what he’s doing. At one point, Jesus jumps into Simon Peter’s boat to teach and immediately after he says something along the lines of, “Let’s go fish.”
That’s so weird – the first thing he does after this huge teaching in front of EVERYONE is, let’s go fish. Why?

I love Peter…he responds how most all of us would, “I’ve been fishing all night and caught nothing.” He explains himself. It’s as if I can feel the humiliation, embarrassment, and shame come off of Peter as he utters these words to Jesus…’I caught nothing’. Peter IS A FISHERMAN and could not catch fish.
They go back out to the waters to fish and toss out the nets. Multiple nets begin to overflow and fill to the brim. Chaos within the nets consumes everything and almost begins to sink the boats.

Simon Peter is exposed in that very moment. The shame of not catching, needing to explain why, Peter feels completely exposed in this moment. There’s no pretending or justifying anymore. The powers of which victimize him, Peter has no control. Jesus, has all the control. And all he can do is fall to his knees and tell Jesus to get away from him. When shame gets in the presence of imperfection it says get the light off of me. I do not want to be seen.

What is it that makes you feel exposed?

The great thing is, Peter fell to his knees in front of Jesus repenting of his sins and told him to leave. Jesus said, “No, I’m actually going to make you something better than all of this. Renewed. A fisher of men.”

He renewed him through his exposure of shame.


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