Letter Series 1.0

Writing has taken a back seat lately.
And by lately, I mean for over the last year.

It’s odd how much I miss writing and have longed for it, but have been overcome by the words. The weight of them suddenly punch me directly square in the face forcing tears on impact when I type.

The force of being required to slow down to reminisce and think  on what has happened. It’s more than I’m ready for.

I’ve asked the Lord to reveal a new desire to write again and it’s taken form in letters. I hope this ‘Letter Series’ (for however long it lasts) is something that can encourage and uplift you. I hope it can resonate or even spark something in you to remember your very own legacy.

Those to come after me,

I’m staring at the most beautiful sight in quite some time. I’m on the shore of Lake Malawi (Cape Maclear). Staring at some islands in the distance, listening to the locals, and Housefires singing ‘Yes and Amen’ in the background. To my future child that could be reading this – the reason I came to Africa is to visit a church that has been traveling the world the past year. Speaking of the Gospel in Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. They’ve lifted up the local churches where they’ve gone. I’m sure they’re tired…it’s been a year. A year.
So, I’ve come to visit and provide lift where I can. I pray that the Lord uses me in such a way to do just that. It’s this beautiful exchange. I truly do pray God will use me in the greatest capacity possible. I want them to know His goodness, feel His rest, His strength, His gentleness, His might, and more.
I wonder if Paul felt this way when writing and visiting churches. I wonder if people wanted more from him. I wonder if he was blown at what his life had become, I wonder how consumed with thankfulness he was. I wonder what his intimate thoughts were…

Until the next time. I love you and I pray the Lord inspires you to dream.


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