Letter Series 1.1

Those to come after me,
I’ll miss days like this with these people. Those to come after me, I’ve been spending the last 3 days with Derik, Ashley Miller, and Liz. They’re like Timothy’s to me and they’re with the church 24/7. They are the real pastors here. How they have served these people is astounding. I’m not sure if I’ve ever personally witnessed this kind of love, it’s exquisite.  It’s a true testament of the tangible presence of the Father that seeps through the very being of these three people. They give me hope.
We’ve had the best of days here in Malawi; rest, fellowship, and time spent to see how God has been with us throughout the year. To walk through the days, weeks, and months and see how He has been with us.
I encourage you church, He’s everywhere. Take time to explore time and space to see.
It seems like a dream…the Father is truly amongst us and lavishing on us. My spirit has come alive in a new way since being here. Maybe it’s Africa or maybe it’s the Holy Spirit within me having such a grand time and spilling out physically.

I’ve been spending time with two local men from Malawi in our downtime. We meet each day, talked some, bought some merchandise, played games for hours, talk about life and our families. Some days they show up smelling like alcohol or high and offering me some while they’re at it, but nonetheless, they show up. We’ve become simple friends. They’re amazing.

Dear church and those to come after me, remember this: don’t discount people. Someone once said to remember proper rites. To show up when you say you will. To be of your word. To say when you will arrive to something so one’s heart will be ready to greet the other. It is then that you will build your friendship and then that you will become responsible for what you have built. (Saint Exupery) It’s been in those times with Eric, Kent, and playing soccer with the boys that we’ve become responsible for the way we represent the Spirit within us by being responsible for the friendships we’ve built.

Church, it’s not just about building, but also maintaining.
One must observe certain rights.

Until the next time. I love you and pray you take delight in His unchanging love.



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